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Vive le Liberté de Conscience

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::The Inspector sat alone in his office, resting one arm on his chair as he tapped a newly opened letter against the desk with the other. The contents thereof were still disturbingly fresh in his mind...::

"Dear Mr. Lusk,

I am inclined to report, as a matter of civic duty, a murder having taken place at the corner of West and Cherry."

::The letter was not unlike one he had recieved over a decade ago. The grammar was far better, and there had been no attempts to shock him with the macabre, but the pattern of a murderer who informs the authorities of his crimes by letter could not be denied. And the shadiness of what little information was given left him with far more uncertainty that it absolved.::

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-Having spent the day roaming the streets of Queen's reign to get to know them better Riddick returned to the precinct for 18 hundred hours in his usual attire of loose fitting top and army style trousers.-
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Who: Souji and Yamazaki
Where: Garden of their Flat
When: Twilight
What: Old friends meet up
Why: Because?

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::The wood-paneled coffee house was brilliantly lit from above with creative lanterns of a Japanese theme, observing the current trend since the ambassador's party.

The customers here were a relatively noisy lot; liberal minds with revolutionary opinions.  In one corner of the room, a pair of individuals with ideas so radical the law could not abide them sat across the table from one another as they shared a warm meal.::

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Sometime in the late afternoon the following day, after the big party for the new councilor Riddick strolled through the streets of Queens Reign towards the inspectors office.
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Who: Souji and Lusk
Where: The Guard's Precinct
When: Day after the party
What: Working Lunch

The rest of the night had passed in a blur. Meeting people, talking, smiling politely and in general being on good behaviour so not to embarass anyone. He'd been grateful when the las guests had left, and he'd been able to retire to his flat. Once stripped of his formal clothes, he wilted, feeling the exhaustion and heaviness in his chest. He could already tell tomorrow would be a bad day.

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::In spite of the theme, the party was a rather English affair. Men and women of clearly European descent mandatorily dressed in kimonos and various tidbits of Japanese decor thrown into what the Sithstine Chapel might have looked like if you removed the pews and suited the floor for a ball. A few of the more audacious gentleman had even stooped to having their wives sew a sleeve into the torso of the kimono so that they could poke a flower in there.

This is the scene that Okita Souji, first Japanese counsilor in Queen's Reign, was greeted with as he set foot in the door to the thunderous sound of applause...::

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Victoria Park Auditorium
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