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Vive le Liberté de Conscience

Victorian steampunk livejournal RPG
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Our story takes place in the year 1899, on a fictional island city located at a right angle from Ireland
and Iceland. The city of Queen's Reign is England's answer to America's niche as the "free country" -
a republic-based city where you can have all the freedoms of the Yanks without having to cross
the Atlantic.

The cosmopolitan nature of Queen's Reign has made it home to the seediest of characters,
however, and the city is caught in an immense web of lies and betrayal. Will you escape it, or help it grow?

Community Information

Queen's Reign is a multifandom rpg set at the turn of the 20th Century. More importantly, it is an homage
to steampunk in general.

For more information on important developments in the plot, see here.

The city of Queen's Reign is located on the recently discovered island of New Darwin. A map of the city, and a subsequent
legend, follows here.

Seaside District - This district is, basically, one giant marina. It serves the city of Queen's Reign in two distinct fashions;
as a port to bring in would-be citizens and traders, and as a fishing port, making fish one of the city's primary exports.

City Hall - Located at the southern edge of the Seaside District, City Hall is a (by the standards of the day) modern structure that contains both the Department of Immigration and the Police Precinct.

Cemetery - This ill-cared for cemetery is only about 30x50 feet, a testament to the infancy of the city.

Commerce District - The central trading hub of the city, for foreigners and locals alike. A massive, cross-cultural bazaar,
it is said that anything sold in the free world can be found here if you only know the right dealer and have the right amount of
money in your wallet.

Ambassador's Quarters - Diplomats from around the globe, as well as other influential figures in the government, may be housed here during their stay in Queen's Reign.

Industrial District - The city's other primary export - mechanical parts (primarily for steam-powered engines) is constructed,
boxed, and shipped out from one of the four large factories here. The Royal Navy is the primary buyer for these parts, but what
they are using them for is strictly classified at this time.

Residential District A - Every bit the precursor to Beverly Hills, this is where the richest of the rich go to get away from the
world. A series of gated communities with streets lined by three or four story mansions marks the entrance to this prestigious district.

Cafe Leblanc - Named after a notoriously cheeky writer in France, this coffee house serves as a place for forthright liberals and other intellectuals to get together and discuss whatever is on their minds.

Residential District B - If District A is a mirror of aristocratic paradises to come, then District B more closely resembles the
infamous Whitechapel district of the era. Many areas are absolutely devastated by poverty, while others manage to eek out
a meager existence. In the worst areas, crime runs rampant, and the city guard is hard-pressed to keep up with the crimes, let alone catch the criminals responsible. If you weren't lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you
likely end up here after becoming a citizen.

Carnival - The semi-permanent carnival was a donation to Queen's Reign from the Barnum & Bailey circus as a token of
good will. Everything from a giant ferris wheel and steam-powered rollercoaster to games, plays, and even sideshows can
be found here.

Victoria Park - A grant from the Queen herself made this lush little getaway a reality. The tree-dotted grass of this pristine
field surrounds a sparkling blue lake, at the center of which a lighted gazebo can be reached from a bridge on either side.

Victoria Park Auditorium - Nestled in the great trees that surround it, this massive gathering hall has been compared to a cross between the Sithstine Chapel and a contemporary ballroom.

Railroad - The station to this massive railroad is located in the Industrial District. The railroad itself trails up through the picturesque District A, past the carnival and Seaside District, around the eastern edge of the city, down through the Libertarian Mountains and the many resorts therein, and just through the top edge of Darwin Forest below before circling back into the city.

Libertarian Mountains - These mountains, which were formed when New Darwin broke off from Ireland's west coast millions of years ago, are a haven to those who just want to get away from it all. These forested peaks conceal many of the finest resorts in the world.

Community Rules

1) All Characters Welcome - Feel free to register any character, from any canon, or even an original
character if you feel particularly creative. Historical characters of the era are welcome too; if you want Teddy Roosevelt and Alan Quartermain to go on a safari together, I say why not! However, be mindful to analog your character to the setting (see Rule #2).

2) This is 1899! - This game takes place at the turn of the 20th Century. Please make sure your character's
dress, abilities, and mannerisms could concievably exist in the timeframe. Remember, the ideal of the game is
the nostalgia of the Victorian era, and a character who is too technologically (or even psychologically)
advanced could concievably shatter that ideal and ruin the game for everyone.

3) No Clones Please - There are so many great characters from ALL THE FICTION AND NONFICTION IN THE UNIVERSE that you could choose from; please, don't apply for a character that's already been reserved, or even a different form of that character, unless the form is so radically different that it is a different character in its own right (example; a Link and a Dark Link, or Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta - however, in the latter case, I'd prefer both the original users made a joint account or two and ran them simultaneously). The only, and I mean only way I will ever accept an application for a copy of another character is if, in fact, this character is a clone of the other character, in which case the following generally apply;

A) The clone is an individual in its own right, and barring base personality traits and memories possibly inherited through genetics, does not have the same experiences that molded the original entity.
B) Is as many years younger than the original as the age the original was at the time of cloning (although artificial aging could close this gap).

4) Tag Your Naughty Texts! - I love smut as much as the next perverted otaku, but I have my own likes and dislikes just like everyone else, so for the love of all things chocolate, tag your text with a warning when it's NC-17 or above.

5) Keep It In Character - This game is an ongoing story where fictional and nonfictional characters of a bygone age may interact. It is not a sounding board for out of character feuds. Please remember that you're playing a game.

6) 24-Hour Rule - I seriously hope to NEVER have to enforce this rule. In the presumably unlikely event that two players cannot resolve their differences peacefully and without unneccesarily interrupting the game, both players need to stop play for 24 hours, contact myself or another mod I appoint, and address their greivances accordingly so we can make an arbitary ruling.

7) Laws of Queen's Reign - When Queen's Reign first opened its doors to the world, four laws were laid down
to keep the city from collapsing in on itself. These laws are cited here;

1. All potential citizens must register with the Department of Immigration located in the seaside district before
accepting gainful employment, purchasing a permanent or rented residence, or otherwise entering into a legal
contract other than the buying and selling of goods within city limits.

2. Citzens are entitled to the freedom to pursue their personal rights so long as their according actions do not
curtail or completely hinder another citizen from pursuing their own personal rights, with the exception of the
city guard, who are granted the authority to take any action deemed neccessary by their supervisor in the
defense of said personal rights. A citizen's personal rights are defined as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

3. Citizens shall have the oppurtunity to elect their officials by vote in scheduled annual elections. Elected officials
are expected to uphold their office as public service by only creating new laws based on the consensus of the
people, within reason that the personal rights upon which the government is built are not unneccesarily curtailed
by the new law in question.

4. In the event that any of the above rules are broken, the accused will be immediately incarcerated until
the time of his or her trial. The accused has the right to the due process of a fair trial. A fair trial is defined
as the right of the accused to elect an attorney or other personage of his or her choice to serve his defense
in the court of law, the objective presentation of factual evidence by both the defense and the prosecution,
and the judgment of the accused by a jury of his or her peers.

So How Do I Join?

To register a character, just send the following information to lrogue7@yahoo.com;

Name: Character's name and any titles or nicknames you care to add.
Canon: A picture of a giant gun on wheels is attached here - just kidding. What book/movie/series is your
character from? If your character is a real historical figure, type "Historical", and if you made the character
up yourself, type "Original".
Biography: Your character's life story up to the point where you're bringing him or her into the game.
Special Abilities: What makes your character so special? Anything that a normal human couldn't do counts
as a special ability, but feel free to list mundane yet interesting talents such as playing an instrument or
being really handy with a pair of pistols.
Personal Touches: What makes your character different from the character as he or she appeared in his
or her original story? Any special abilities or deviant personality traits not covered in canon go here.

Master List of Reserved Characters
A listing of characters by classification (Period Fiction, Adapted Canon, Historical, Original, and Non-Player Character (NPC) appears below, accompanied by the character's most currently updated story information. For more detailed profiles, please see the (and if you're a member, reply to with your own) Character Profiles page listed here.

Period Fiction

Arsène Lupin (portrayed by arsene_lupin) - The legendary gentleman thief arrived in Queen's Reign looking for a kindred spirit; the mysterious Madam Ryoko. He intended to enlist the talented con artist for a heist so great that it would shake London to the core; stealing the "secret treasure" of Dorian Gray. Unfortunately, things went horribly awry, and Lupin now finds himself in a desperate quest to uncover the murder of his erstwhile partner without incriminating himself.

Cthulhu (portrayed by cthulhu_calls) - In the midst of the tangled web being woven in every corner of the city, something evil stirs. Its motives are the stuff of nightmares. Its agenda? To bring the world to madness.

Dorian Gray (portrayed by his_satyr_soul) - London's least favorite son resurfaced in Queen's Reign six months after faking his own death. Announcing the hoax as an illusion after the manner of Harry Houdini, he has been hailed as an eccentric artist ever since, and a stalwart contributor to the Queen's Reign Museum of Art to boot. But an unfathomable evil still looms inside the heart of Dorian Gray. An evil that decieves, manipulates, and murders.

Adapted Canon

Chronicles of Riddick
Riddick (portrayed by corvenus) - An experiment escaped the military compound near Butcher's Bay. Calling himself "Rupert", the man has secured a job as an official city guard. Just his luck that he'd be investigating a murder the first day on the job...

Kafka on the Shore
Crow (portrayed by boy_named_crow) - The boy known as Crow arrived by ship from a far off land. He has chosen to "observe" a select few individuals by integrating himself into their lives. The individuals, thus far, include the mysterious Officer Rupert, Counsilor Okita, and Dr. Yamazaki.

The Medicine Seller (portrayed by cruel_medicine) - A mysterious traveler arrives in Queen's Reign from yet another time and place; after all, he's seen so many. He claims to be a simple medicine seller, but his unique ability to sense the presence of evil proves otherwise...

Ryoko (Tenchi Universe) (portrayed by madamryoko) - Madam Ryoko was a con artist so talented that France's most notorious outlaw, Arsene Lupin, commissioned her to steal an equally noteworthy treasure; the secret of Dorian Gray. The plan, which consisted of Ryoko gaining Gray's trust while Lupin himself secured the picture, played through the first phase without incident, but a critical error on her partner's behalf sealed the young woman's fate, and Madam Ryoko has, through her shocking demise, become the newest controversy in Queen's Reign.


George Lusk (portrayed by inspector_lusk) - George Lusk was once the head of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, formed to hunt down the infamous Jack the Ripper. It was he who recieved the "From Hell" letter that haunts him to this day. After the Ripper's disappearance, Lusk enlisted himself in Scotland Yard and became a dedicated officer, but would remain largely unrecognized until his placement as Chief Inspector of Queen's Reign. Now, just as he is securing positive relations between the city and the Ambassador of Japan, a disturbing letter may confirm that which he has always feared...

Okita Sōji (portrayed by first_captain) - The Shinsengumi war hero faces the fight of his life; tuberculosis. Attempting to rid the revolutionary of his political power, the current government of Japan sends Counsilor Okita as the primary bodyguard for the Ambassador of Japan. Though he has befriended Inspector Lusk, the counsilor has many misgivings about Western culture, and is all to eager to take in a young stowaway named Crow who speaks his native tongue.

Yamazaki Susumu (portrayed by yamazaki_san) - Medical expert and national spy, Dr. Yamazaki is sent by the Japanese government to act, in secret, as the primary medical specialist of his long-time friend Okita Sōji. The doctor is a noble, but guarded man, and currently serves as Counsilor Okita's emotional oasis in addition to tending his physical ails.


Charlotta Hensel (portrayed by charlotta_h - A Bavarian immigrant in search of a new life, Charlotta found herself in Queen's Reign. The island city is a treasure trove of new beginnings, but which will she choose?

The following NPC's are all portrayed by qr_npc, although any player can technically use them as a plot device. If you wish to turn an NPC into a player character, please email myself or another mod with an application for that character.

Ambassador of Japan - The often mentioned, but rarely seen ambassador is known only as a man of great political importance, hence his presence in Queen's Reign for an upcoming peace conference involving similar emissaries from around the globe. However, the ambassador has recently and suddenly become afflicted with a crippling delusion, regressing him to a nearly incoherent state. What is the source of this malady...?

Colonel Hoxie - A colonel in Her Majesty's Royal Army, Hoxie was also the chief military officier in a military base near Butcher's Bay when an experimental prototype (Riddick) escaped. He has since been mentioned twice in Queen's Reign.

Madam Van Dorn - A wealthy socialite who regularly entertains guests at her home address of 627 Cherry Lane. Her known guest list, thus far, has included the Ambassador of Japan, a Colonel Hoxie of Her Majesty's Royal Army, Lady Agatha, and Mr. Dorian Gray, all in one week. She was first mentioned during Officer Rupert's investigation of a gunshot heard near her home.

Professor Litteken - An eccentric aviation theorist who lives at 628 Cherry Lane. He was first mentioned during Officer Rupert's investigation of a gunshot heard near his home.

Sonny McJim - A rookie in the City Guard from Ireland. An extremely fast runner, and confident to a fault, he was foiled during an entry exam by Rupert/Riddick, and has sworn revenge.